cdwow not so wow anymore?


i posted a thread a couple of weeks ago singing the praises of cdwow. since then i`ve ordered a cd and dvd from them and not received either. the cd they found out after i had ordered it that they had no stock. it was eventually posted last week but still hasn`t arrived.
the dvd is region 2/4/aotc. i ordered it on november1st. and waited for it to be despatched on november 13th. as the 13th arrived i checked my order and it still wasnt sent. so i checked my e-mail, and they had notified me that day that there stock was delayed until 16th and they were sorry blah blah blah.
so saturday 16th would be the day. checked my order tonight, still pending,couldnt believe it. checked my e-mail, and nothing from cdwow as way of an explanation.
i`ve been using them for over a year and had no prblems up until this, but it just smacks of ineffiency and laziness on their part. i`m seriously considering doing my ordering elsewhere. its over a week since i`ve rented out aotc to watch and i`m still waiting on cdwow to despatch. i mean one of the biggest releases of the year , you`d think they`d have their act together.


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Originally posted by adox
i`ve been using them for over a year and had no problems

Originally posted by adox
i`m seriously considering doing my ordering elsewhere.

I know it is not nice having to wait for something you are looking forward to getting, but if you have had over a year's good service from them I think you should cut them a little slack. :)


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But after a year of good service, surely as a repeat customer he should expect the same quality of service. Most suppliers seem to be slipping a bit recently.

ive used most except dvd soon dont trust them for some reason.

Consistency is the key.


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No problems for a year seems pretty consistent to me!

Everyone makes mistakes now and then, cut them some slack and see what happens.

You never know, you might get another year of trouble free service after this!


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It is unclear from your post but it seem's to indicate that you have made no attempt to contact them via e-mail to express your "disappointment". Unless you let them know how you feel & give them a chance to react, it is grossly unfair to criticise them!

Sitting at home doing nothing other than checking your "In-box" does nothing to let them know of your concern.

It sounds like they have been "pro-actively" letting you know of their problems with your order and for all they know, you could be completely untroubled by this or away from home altogether.

If you take a look at my "Near Dark thread" you will see the excellent level of service that you can expect from their Customer Service team if you take the trouble to contact them! Why not give it a try?

ps: As a footnote to my Near Dark problem, not only were those responses received on a Sunday, I also received an e-mail this morning ( Monday ) that the replacement has now been shipped!

The WOW factor remains pretty high as far as I'm concerned!

Best Regards,


i have contacted them by e-mail to express my disappointment. i had just finished a long e-mail to them again last night before posting the thread i did. what really ****ed me off was that they missed their revised date of the 16th for aotc but hadn`t informed me over 24 hours later. it was the heat of the moment last when i posted and probably went a bit over the top. to be fair to them they have sent me a couple of vouchers as way of an apology which is all good customer service, but the one service i want is reliability, and the last two orders i have placed have been a mess. i mean i ordered the cd on 1st november and i`m still waiting for it.
i ll be the first to praise them when they are doing a good job as they have done in the past but if they aren`t fullfilling my needs as a customer i will let them know, and criticise them if needs be. afterall at the end of the day they are a business making money from our custom so not matter how good their history has been iff they start slacking and becoming unreliable, i will let them know and post the problems i have had here.
keep them on their toes. as i say i use them nearly exclusively and would hate to see them going the way of other sites that dont provide the service we all want!!


just to update on cdwow, my copy of aotc has still not been despatched. awaiting reply from cdwow as they seem less and less willing to respond. very disappointing!

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