CDwow have cancelled their UK surchage


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as it says....cdwow have cancelled the surcharge on chart cd's.....they're only £8.99........have a look at their homepage


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Yup they have cancelled the surcharge but increased the price of some of their CD's. example, Dido yesterday was 6.99 now its 8.99. Still not a big deal as some are the same. Good move i think from CD WOW :)


Originally posted by graham.myers
no no no

the sales is over! pre Christmas sale the cds were 8.99, now they're 8.99
Sooo....they're the same price they were before Christmas:confused:

Is this not a good thing or have I missed something??:)



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exactly - everybody is saying they've dropped the surcharge but bumped up the price. they haven't the price increase is just the end of the Christmas sale


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Dear Member,

WOW! We've been able to remove the additional charges for deliveries to the UK and Ireland on CDs.

We've been working our little cotton socks off to source our Chart Albums within the EU at the lowest possible price and cutting our margins even more.

In simple terms, from today the additional charges are no longer applicable. Chart CDs remain at £8.99* including deliveries to the UK - yippeee!

There have been a few cutbacks in the office, I'm working out of the YMCA and using an etch-a-sketch as my PC was sold.

But fear not - you get our great CD price - and I'm loving the YMCA tomato soup!

Thank you for your overwhelming support!

Warmest Regards,
Don't ya just love 'em!


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I think it might be something to do with the lack of CD orders they have taken since implementing the surcharge and have worked out that they will make more by removing the surcharge, and cutting the profit per CD. So although they may have found a cheaper source, they are probablytaking less of a cut off each CD sold.

PLUS Look how much publicity they have gained from this! The BPI are at least good for something then :D

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