CDR880 player/recorder - blew out pot, now no sound


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I blew out the pot because it crackled loudly when altering the recording level, can you use too much air when blowing out?

Also, 1st I disconnected 2 ribbons to allow the front to come out a little further in order to get better access to blow out the pot, but forgot to reconnect them before powering back up - obvs the unit didn't work so I reconnected and powered up again but now there is no sound. It still recognizes tracks etc, and appears to be playing them, just no sound.

Have I fried it?

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Did you get them back correctly? Was one of them the volume control? This sounds the most likely cause. I doubt just blowing out the pot would do much. You really want some good contact cleaner - the WD40 brand switch cleaner I've found to be very good and doesn't leave too much residue.


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Thank you,

I just used clean air, it's been fine on my old Murphy/Garrard 78 player.

You can't reconnect the ribbon plugs incorrectly, they're different sizes.
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Ah, that white ribbon! Unlike the grey ribbons it''s a push fit into it's plugs. I disconnected the other 2 (grey ribbon) plugs to it's right, at the rear of the tray, and must have pushed the white over to the left whilst doing so, disconnecting it's seatings at their right hand sides.

CD play resumed!

I'll see how the recording level adjustment crackle is when I get a moment, it used to be a useful fader.

Thankfully I still have plenty of those unobtainable 74min Digital Audio CDRW.


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Just be careful how you store CDRWs. For long term storage you need cool, dark conditions or they will "rot" and become unplayable quite quickly.


No crackle on recording level adjustment!

Normal function is resumed.
....Good for another few decades.
Fun facts: Your 880 came about in response to a lab test slating that Hi-Fi News gave to Philips' first attempt - the 870 model that I own.
The 880 was redesigned so as not to use the sample rate (32/44.1/48kHz) converter when recording 44.1 inputs......the converter apparently adds unacceptable jitter to 41.1 recordings on the 870.
Good for you.
Bad for you though - I'm pretty sure they prevented the drawer trick on the 880!
You might wanna give this a try:
On the 870 you can load a 'for audio' CDR/W, let it do the OPC and stop in its ready state.
You can then manually pull out the drawer, swap the disc for the much cheaper standard CDR, push the drawer back in manually and carry on as if it were the audio version.
Didn't take owners long to discover that. (Those 'for audio's' were really expensive when I first got the 870 in 1998). I think you can do about 99 OPC's on the 'fooler' disc.

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