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Hi folks,

Advice required please.

I've just purchased a new PC and having a bit of trouble with my exisiting CDR's that have data copied to them using my old PC.

Basically, with my old PC, I used Roxio Easy CD creator/Direct CD(?) to copy stuff onto CDRs.

Now, my new PC uses Nero for CD copying/creating. If I put in one of my CDRs in my new PC, it does not recognise anything of the disc, says it's blank!

I presume this is because my new PC does not recognise stuff copied using the Roxio software??

How do I get my new PC to recognise these discs or is all my saved data lost for good???!!!



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Well, the software you use to burn a CR-R should have no bearing whatsoever when it comes to read it back, the CD should be in a standard form (usually ISO9660) so that any other CD drive can read it.

Do you still have the old PC? I wonder what options you used to burn them? Not having used Easy CD since version 4 days I don'tknow if it had any sort of proprietary backup software which may not have used this standard format. Maybe it used some sort of non-standard multi-session capability .. multi-session CDs used to be a major cause of "I can't read this CDR" type problems but thsoe should have died out long ago.

I take it it's a 'given' that you're not having problems with pre-pressed CDs.


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I used to just "cut and paste" files onto the CDRs. They saved to the disc perfectly and I was then able to view the files from the CD, on my old pc.

Yes, pre-recorded discs work fine on my new PC.

What if I re-install the Easy CD software on my new PC?? Would that have any effect??
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