CDP-CX455 now working again

M Stewart

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Faced with a growing CD collection, some 7 years ago I bought one of the last 400 CD capacity Sony jukebox style CD players (CDP-CX455), and until yesterday it had performed faultlessly. It's both a player and home to over 300 of my CD collection.

Yesterday it simply stopped playing CDs, as it couldn't find the Table of Contents (TOC) info on the CD. After some time, the automatic features then had it move a new CD into place where the same process happened again, and again. Suggestions on the web were to remove the main covers and try blowing dust off the laser / optical pick-up unit; or that the laser had died. I downloaded the service manual which is pretty good with many diagrams.

After removing the top and side cover piece, I could see the player area but couldn't direct the air duster nozzle to where it was needed. Removing the smaller cover surrounding the player area at the rear, and blowing from the rear with the air duster, it started working again, and I was then able to get it to play my cleaning CD. It's now back in use again - the most difficult part of the repair was getting the main cover back in place so that all 9 screws aligned correctly!

A much better solution than unloading 300+ CDs, mating with their respective jewel cases, and getting it to Sony's repair place.

One of its useful features is that it displays CD text, and when I'm burning my own recordings, I annotate the tracks etc. with CD text. Only 2 of my 250+ commercial CDs have CD text.

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