cd92/cd92t differences



I've been comparing a new cd93 and an ex-dem cd92, interesting to compare - can't decide which i prefer most - until the ex-dem price is put into the equation.:D
Was there ever cd92t and if so what differences were there apart from cd text ?

NB anyone ever come across a CD with any text ?


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Can't answer your first part but as to the CD's with text on them, they are far and few between IME.


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As far as I know only recent (last four years) Sony CDs have CD Text. I have exactly 5 CDs in my collection with CD Text, about 1% of the total.

Originals, that is. It's very easy to add CD Text to CD-Rs, so all my copies and CDs based on MP3s have CD Text. My father transfers his records to CD, and he adds CD text to all of them.

But still, it's not really worth leaving a CD92 for if you can get it for a good price.


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I have a cd92t and also auditioned a cd93 for the sake of hearing if there was a difference between the two.
"My " hearing told me i brought the right one, I felt the 93 was missing something.

I don't think there is any difference between the 92 & 92t other than text.

I also have very few cds with cd text.

I hope this helps.

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