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cd82 to cd192 upgrade??


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I'd appreciate comments from anyone who has done this - before I start trying to arrange a demo.

I have had my CD82 player since it first came out. I run it through A85 and P85 amps, bi-amping upgraded TDL3 'transmission line' speakers.

I'm pretty settled with the system and have no wish to change for change's sake. However, I have recently received the 'upgrade to CD192' offer from my dealer (£500). Is it worth it? [I listen to mainly classical CDs but with a fair sprinkling of jazz and pop.]


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I looked into this upgrade a few years ago, when I was told the price was £550, I was horrified. So I came home and found an "as new" CD192 on eBay for £560. And that was a while ago, so they should be even cheaper now!

After listening to the two players next to each other, I can honestly say that I prefer the CD82. I found the presentation from the CD192 a tad harsh for my ears / system (although others do not find this the case).

In short, if you like the sound of the CD82, and want an upgrade, save up some more cash and go for one of the FMJ CD players.

Whatever you do, try and get a home demo, so you can hear the player with all of your own kit!


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I was going to have this upgrade done but see the email from arcam below for cost of such an upgrade from feb 07

"The CD82 has a dual DAC arrangement. You will need to contact your nearest Dealer.. The CD-192 option is to go to our top DiVA CD player the CD192- this involves a quad DAC upgrade which gives more bass and dynamic range over the CD82. We change the front panel so the CD drawer says it is a CD192.

The UK cost for the CD192 upgrade is £499.00. "



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Agree this seems very expensive, but the CD192 is a superb performer. The sound stage and detail are far superior - the intruments and voices all seem to exist in their own space and the music has room to breathe. BUT - I don't listen to much classical! I compared it to the Cyrus and others 2 years ago and I much preferred it.

Arcam CD 192 - Audiolab 8000s + 8000sx amps - B&W 602.5 S3 spkrs.



My two penneth would be save your £500 and put it towards an FMJ CD player.....CD33 or CD36. If you prepared to wait and look around hard enough you could get a quality secondhand CD33 for not too much more than your £500 budget. If you were then to sell your current player, you would almost certainly cover the cost. This, in my opinion and listening experience between the two, would really make the difference. I personally think you would notice little difference between your player and the 192 and certainly not £500 worth IMHO.

I found the CD33 to be a much more detailed, refined and all round dynamic improvement and still have one today connected to nearly £4k worth of Naim amplification and it isn't out of its depth in this company. Yes there is better in this company but that comes at a much higher price and at nearly twice the price of my CD33 other players have yet to convince me to part with my money!

Whatever you choose to do, listen first, don't just buy the upgrade without hearing the options first. A demo between the yours, the CD192 and an FMJ CD36 should be easier enough to organise. If you like the CD36, the CD33 is very similar and cheaper if you can find one!

Good Luck!


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I totally agree with JH1. If you can reach for the stars then do. I had a CD192 for 5 days. Sorry, it had to go. The dealer knew I would be back for the CD36.. I told him I wanted the best... The CD36 is a true star! Get one if you can afford it.


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500£ for an upgrade from the CD82 to the CD192 ? While the CD192 is better than the CD82, I do not think the improvement is worth the amount asked. Of course, as stated in a previous post, you will have the impression that the sound is breathing more easily and more widely. BUt the "signature" will still be the same and you won't find a "Woahhhhh...." difference.
If you are ready to spend 500£, then resell your CD82. You should be able to get 220£ out of it. So this gives you a 700 to 750£ amount to get a CD player, be it new or used.
For that price, I definitely would go for the FMJ series. It is much different in sound signature than the Diva series. Of course, you can consider a CD33 or even a CD36. But, as far as I am concerned, I still have some preference for the CD23 with it's superb and almost unique dCS DAC. It sounds absolutely fabulous (a little different form the CD33 and CD36) and it can be found for a rather decent price (about 450£ on eBay, slightly more in these forums but might be worth it.
You should be able to find a CD33 for about 600£ and a CD36 for 850 to 900.

Hope this helps.




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One slight hicup with the CD23... if the DAC fails you're left with not much more than a pile of scrap.. Apparently replacement DACs are no longer available. A CD33 would be a better buy.

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