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cd73T versus cd92


the dancer

I am planning to get one of these two second hand.
Both cost about the samen (450 euro's).
I realise the 73t is the newest version, but is it also better?

I have looked on other review sites, and both seem to get good write ups.
I cannot demo them before hand because i am buying them off internet.

Some help would be grately appreciated :)

The rest of the system is also second hand:

and a
T61 tuner

I would also like opinions on my planned speaker purchase , namely:
b&w 705
B&W cdm9nt
b&w N 804 old version

I was wondering if the A85 had enough power to stear the N 804 well??
Or would i have to get the p85 as well (which would make it a lot more expensive)?



Established Member
Hi there

I suppose that the CD92 will be of higher quality than the '72 and I would probably go for that player if they are the same price but I haven't heard either machines. For what it's worth I have a CD192 and it sounds quite a lot better than my old Alpha 8.

I have an A85 driving a pair of N804's bi amped with a P85. It does have enough power to drive them to more than reasonable levels in my small living room (3.5 x 4.1m). I'm not sure how the A85 would drive them on it's own.

I previously had a pair of B&W CDM 1NT's (excellent condition and currently for sale in cherry wood finish if anyone wants to make me an offer!) which were driven easily by the A85. The 705's are very similar to the '1NT's and would be a good match.

Adding a P85 or P90 does increase the cost but greatly increases the sound quality, and you can do this at anytime in the future to save the expense now! :thumbsup:

Hope this helps.

the dancer

Thanks Phil for your input.

I was actually trying to compare the cd73 (not 72) to cd92....
This makes it a little more difficult because although lower on the ladder, the cd73t (2004) does have the newer technology.


Established Member
Doh :blush: My mistake, 'spose I should get my eyes tested again.

I think that the '92 had the ring dac which was highly regarded. I would lean toward that as although it's older (only by a couple of years or so) it was the range topper and cost approx twice the '72 at the time. Considering they both use the same case the extra was spent on the internal goodies like dac, power supply and output stages and is therefore likely to be of a higher quality.

Anyone else got any thoughts?


The one thing to consider is whether you want to upgrade to the CD192. If you buy the 92 you can't, if you buy the CD73 you can. I've not compared the 92/93 to the CD192 so don't know if there is much difference. Personally, if you can get the 92 for the same price as the 73, I would probably buy that.
I would think that unless you upgrade your amplifier to FMJ or equivalent, you are unlikely to hear much difference between all of these players.
I have B&W 704's driven by an A85 at the moment, but I am coming to the conclusion that to hear any real differences between these players, I need to have better amplification. I compared the CD73 to the CD192 and strained my ears to hear any difference at all on my system. I know quite a few have said there is a big difference between the 73 and 192 and this tends to be from people who have better amplification. I know my speakers are not the limiting factor in the equation, so guess where my money's probably going next???!!! ;)

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