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I have just made my first Aracam purchase, I managed to pick a second hand Aracam CD72T player. I connected it up to my Pioneer 2011 amp and was impressed with the detail and clarity over and above my Pio DVD player which was my original CD source.

I would like to know what is the recommened way for connecting this, should I get a decent optical cable and connect to the optical input on the AV Amp or use a high end component cable? Can someone recommend makes please.

Mark F

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I would have thought an analogue cable (connected to an analouge input on your amp) would give the best results. For a digital connection to be better the DAC in your amp would need to be better than the DAC in your CD player. I'd be surprised if this is the case.

Something around the £40 mark will probably do the trick/be appropriate for your system.


Dont use a digital cable :)

If you do then your shiny CD72 just becomes a transport so not really any better than your DVD Player.

You want to use the analogue outputs from the CD72 and if your amp has a specific stereo mode that bypasses the "processing" you get through the surround sound processors etc... then use this mode on the amp to get the best out of the CD Player.


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