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I tried to place an order with CD Wow using one of the 50p off vouchers. I entered the voucher no. and selected to pay. When I got to the paypal payment screen I was told this service was currently unavailable so I just logged out! I tried to order again later using the voucher, because I had already entered the voucher no on my first attempt CD Wow's server would not allow me to use it again even though I didn't order anything with it.

So....I called CD WOW and explained, the person I spoke to just asked me how much the voucher was for and e-mailed me another just like that! The catch is I said the voucher was for £2 as i thought it was worth a try and it worked.

I havn't tried this again since, someone give it a go and say the voucher was for more and let us know how you get on.



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How about let's not.:thumbsdow

We already get enough good deals from this supplier, why abuse them?
I doubt any other company would have let us publicly discuss how to use multiple discounts.


So do you agree with the other ways to get money off vouchers to work? What is the difference?

Julie Winston

Loopholes & lying - work it out for yourself TCD


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It's amazing how lacking in morals some people can be.
Deleting this thread shortly.


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I think I read on here that one of the CDWOW directors had said they were not bothered with people using the links/vouchers etc as it the sponser (amex/trustcard etc) who pay the difference.

What you are suggesting is totally different and totally immoral.

CDWOW offer good deals and good service. Why abuse it.

Spectre - Why close the thread. From the responses I think it can be clearly seen what people think


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Also you have just admitted an act of Fraud publicly.:nono:


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The use of multiple REAL vouchers - as condoned by CD-WOW themselves, is vastly different to deliberately defrauding a company. Especially one that has been openly fighting to help us, the consumers, to get lower prices anyway.


Openly showing gleeful deceit on this forum is not advised either. If you ever want to trade, sell or buy something here the long memories of the members here, and judicious use of the search function, may cause your comments to be counted against you.

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Originally posted by ste1010
Spectre - Why close the thread. From the responses I think it can be clearly seen what people think

Although the responses here are obviously against what TCD has done, leaving this thread open for all to see, would only give ideas to similar unscrupulous people.



What a load of hypocrites!!! Unfortunately I've already tried this before and they didn't oblige in giving out a free voucher! Thanks for the post though TCD. I'd be extremely surprised if none of these people who are slagging you off haven't sneekily tried it as well!!! :laugh:


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Hypocrites? In what way?

Intersting choice for your first post though. Were I a moderator I'd be interested to compare your IP with TCDs.
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