cd wow seabiscuit not despatched but debited my card?is this normall


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Aug 17, 2002
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I ordered seabisuit last week in good time for todays street date.I had an email confirming order on the 16th Feb along with notification from world pay that I had paid.

No disc has arrived by today, so I e-mailed cd wow who responded quickly by saying they were awaiting delivery from their suppliers but did not know just yet when they could despatch.

Is it usuall for them to charge for goods before they are ready for despatch?.If so don't think I will buy from them again.Just went down the local Sainsbury this disc is in stock and only £1 more.

Anyone else had this sort of problem regarding charging for discs before they have discs in ready for despatch?
Bob is right I pre ordered the Lion King Gift set and they charged my creditcard three months before it was due to be released, and to make matters worse my dvd was stolen in the post and I had to wait 45 days before they would give me a refund.
how annoying is that.
cheers Dave.

ps the dvd company was dvdsoon.
It's common knowledge that when you purchase from CD Wow your money is taken straight away. I too have had a few items arrive well over a week after release date.

A gripe I have with them is that the site does not say an item is in stock or not.
I have ordered about 4 discs from cd wow before + around 6 from play discs have always shipped within 24hrs of ordering with no problems.

This is the first time I have pre ordered before street date so I was expecting to be charged at time of despatch.

What concerns me most is that when cdwow e-mailed me when I chased delivery, they were not sure when they would be despatching as their stocks were not in yet, and they do not have a firm date from their supplier.This is strange as today is street date for this disc and most suppliers get their discs in at least 7 days prior to street date.
I have since cancelled my order and cdwow have refunded my money.They have dealt with this promptly and were curtious.

However as Pearl Jam says unfortunatley their website unlike play and others does not show whether discs are in stock or not, a major downer as far as I am concerned.
I think those that charge before despatch say they do so they don't have to 'hold' your credit card details. Can't quite see how this works as I placed an order with DVDMode, they took the money, then informed me a week later that the item was discontinued, and would refund my card. This they did, but if they don't hold my card details, how did they know my card details to refund the money to? :confused: :confused:
Yes Fatti I think that the excuse they use that they don't want to 'hold' your credit card details is utter bull, as when you sign up with them they ask you "do you want us to remember your details for next time".Lets have the truth, lets charge you now even though we don't have it in stock as this helps our cashflow!
To be fair I don't think cd-wow hold your credit card details, I think it's the company (WoldPay or somethong like that) that they use to deal with the money side of things who keeps the details... but I agree it is a pain getting charged before the title is posted off to you, it's just something you have to get used to when ordering online, though there are sites that wait till they post the title before charging you...

Also, it quite likely that you wern't "in" quick enough to receive one of the first batch of Seabiscuit's that they recieved, ordering a week in advance is often not "in good time" to get it on it's release date, as I have found out myself (to my annoyance) several times...


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