CD-WOW Now £1.50 off!


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Dec 30, 2003
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Well, I tried and it worked! We will have to wait for another £2.50 off but at least £1.50 off is better than nothing.

Here's what to do:

1. Go to Enter in the box your email address and wait for the reply.

2. When the reply comes through, copy the discount code but DON'T clink on the link.

3. When you have this done, then click This link already gives a pound off DVD's and 50p of Cd's without the need of a code.

4. Put what ever you need in the basket, go to checkout and enter the discount code that was in the email.

Hey presto, £1.50 off. :D

Not sure how long this will last.

A big thanks though to the orignal posters of these links, Wilber, for the pound off link and Herbal for the 50p one.

Cheers all for what is a top forum!
Thanks for the link - is it still possible to use the 50 p voucher you get with a purchase with the email voucher to get £2.00 off

If so in which order do you use the vouchers ie which do you send first.
Thanks for the tip, tried it and got the initial discount but when I got to checkout and pasted the code it said that it had now expired ???

Update: tried this again this afternoon and it worked fine,
thanks :smashin:
Originally posted by bigbaddod
Thanks for the tip, tried it and got the initial discount but when I got to checkout and pasted the code it said that it had now expired ???
Before I posted this, I double checked that it did work. Got permisson from the boss (the wife!) to order Bad Boys 2 on R3 and it worked.
I also used the to gain other codes and this also worked.

With regards to using the other 50p off cards included, I tried that but failed in that misson, unless someone else can find a way?:)

Tried this method, got £1 off using the code but can't seem to get the extra 50p off.
On the 50p off voucher page, it has "This offer must end 31st December 2003" at the bottom...

Update: ...however, I've just received and successully used a voucher - cheers all!
Just used this for Once Upon A Time In America. Price listed £8.99, I paid £7.49 - result!
Just used it for Underworld and Fast and Furious came to £15.48 delivered :D :clap: .
Please don't ask me to explain this as I can't. But i've just ordered 3 DVD's from CDWOW using the combined £1.50 method.

I originally used 5 email addresses to get 5 discount vouchers. Did this Friday just in case the offer closed over the weekend! So here's what happened...

Order 1 = The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Special Edition (2 Discs) - DVD Region 2 @ £13.99 with no discounts.

Ordered ok, paid £12.49 via Switch.

Order 2 = Donnie Darko (Prism Release) - DVD Region 2 @ £4.99 with no discounts.

First e-voucher code I tried (no 2 of my 5) said had expired! Tried next e-voucher code, said had expired! Next e-voucher code (4 of my 5) said accepted and deducted a further £1 off - not 50p!!! So I paid £2.99 total price :)

Order 3 = Runaway Jury - DVD Region 1 @ £14.99 with no discounts.

Tried same as order 2, using my last (5 of 5) e-voucher but said my e-voucher had expired! So used the above link to get a 6th e-voucher, which it accepted, but only gave me the 50p discount. Still saved £1.50, just a shame not £2 like my 2nd order.

These were all ordered over about a 30 minute period 1 hour ago (3pm UK time as I type). Like I said, can't explain this but saved an extra 50p so can't complain.

Anyone else having trouble using the 50p e-vouchers? Tried a couple (via Mailinator) only to be told voucher had expired.:confused:
Put in 3 email address's and got 3 different e-vouchers but it said they had all expried :(
Just managed to use a 50p discount e-voucher and a 50p discount voucher (credit card shaped) I got sent in a dvd on monday, typed them both in and pressed Go on both of them as fast as I could and got £1 off so got a £16.99 film for £14.99 :D
Do you get a 50p e-voucher with all DVDs?
or is only on some couldnt see anything about e-vouchers on cdwow site
You get a 50p Discount Voucher (shaped liked a credit card) with every dvd you order as far as I know, I ordered 4 films last friday and when they arrived monday they all had vouchers.
I've not had 50p vouchers since christmas. I just keep getting car/window stickers, and something... that I assume is a drinks coaster.
I've just found 40 trustcard £1.50 vouchers that i had forgotten about. :clap:

Used these and the £1 off link and a couple of 50p voucher cards that i had left to order 6 DVD's

Total saved = £16 :smashin:

I love CD Wow & vouchers (Thanks to everyone who posts them)
Originally posted by silentriver1
where do u get the trust card things from?

it was a £1.50 off voucher that has now finished, people who already have applied for them though can still use them.
Originally posted by budfox
I've just found 40 trustcard £1.50 vouchers that i had forgotten about.

don't suppose you have any spare Trustcard vouchers you wouldn't mind emailing my way via PM??

Hi Markmw!

Please can you help me out with your £1 link (sponsored by Egg, I gather). It only seems to take 50p off everything for me! Am I doing something wrong? Or is there another link that takes £1 off everything - which would then enable us to get the full £3 off, rather than £2.50? Thanks!
hmm anyone had any trouble with the 50p vouchers lately. I have three and decided to buy a couple of DVD's using them (plus the discount exploits). First Attempt the trustcard voucher didnt take which locked the 50p voucher, second time with next voucher did the same before the 3rd went through fine. Now I left the vouchers time to "unlock" themselves as they have done in the past but they didnt so tried again today and they still hadnt, just tried again and they are once again still locked. Why are my unused vouchers still locked when in the past they had unlocked themselves at this point
The original link posted by Lawe gives you 50p off CDs and £1 off DVDs. It seems to work ok but if you're having probs, then try clearing your cookies.
However there is also a promotion to the end of March with the Daily Star which gets £1 off everything!
Either which asks for an email address and gives you a link to a £1 off site, or which is a direct link but doesn't always work - I'm guessing because of cookies.

Have experienced similar - a couple of 50p WOW vouchers have done that, the website saying they are "currently in use" when I didn't go actually through with a purchase. Perhaps they are "one-chance only", ie you can only click "go" once with them and must go through with the purchase to make use of them? This is unlike the e-vouchers when you can pull out of the purchase without losing the voucher.

I emailed CD-WOW about this, but they just sent me a 50p e-voucher as replacement (albeit very promptly) which really doesn't help. That said, it's only 50p and you can't complain since you're getting a few quid off anyway.

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