Just wondering if anyone's able to confirm if the Insomnia version Cdwow stocks of this contains the extras listed on the Play site.

Here's the link -

Compared to Play's description of various extras, there's no mention of anything on the cdwow site, is this intentional or has someone not bothered to add the right details. I doubt there are two versions of the discs (could be canada/USA difference) but thought I'd check with you guys before I went ahead and ordered.

Here's the link to Play's Insomnia -

my insomnia was shipped this morning from cdwow. I will tell u on monday, but I assume they are the same, AFAIK there is only one version and cdwow are not too precise with their special features description
Thanks Lux that would be good to know. As you guys said, i'm sure it's the same.
I got my copy from CD-WOW a while ago, and I can confirm that it definitely has all the special features listed on the Play site.

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