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mark raeburn

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Anyone notice how all of a sudden the price of all titles has gone up by HKD30-40.

I guess they noticed that there was quite a price descrepancy between the stirling site and the HKD site.

Last week I purchased Identity R1 for HKD108, now it's HKD140.


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Yes - I noticed that yesterday. Might they have implemented some way (cookies? IP address?) to show higher prices to us in the UK?


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Well you can tell where I'm from.

If I log in to .hk site prices are all gone up.

So it's not just UK.


I think its because they were losing so much with people in UK buying in HK$ via the HK site as it was around 20% less than the £ price on the UK site last week. Mainly because the £ has strengthened so much against the HK$ as its linked to the US$.
They raised HK$ prices a few weeks ago but only by about 5% which was not enough.

This should not be a problem with R1 as they will be paying for these in US$, but for R2 where they would be paying for stock in £ their margins would have been squeezed.

Its now only about 5% cheaper and that's assuming you don't pay a foreign currency fee on your CC (as with Nationwide)


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The other consideration could be that its a balancing act. Due to the other weeks BPI case, and them having to put up the price of cd's, maybe they are levelling things out now they have to buy more stock from EU, not far east. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, as the saying goes?


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Use a cloak email. Blocks your isp.

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