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I'm on the slippery slope to being a hi-fi geek, having really started off more into home cinema, and the long and the short of it is that I'm now listening to a lot more CDs than I used to.

I've already upgraded my front speakers, and am playing my music through my FMJ DV27A DVD Player, which is great at music, but it is a DVD player, not a dedicated CD player.

The question is, would I benefit from getting a dedicated CD player in addition to the DVD player, or will I not notice that much of a difference? Was thinking of getting a FMJ CD33 as they're going cheap (relatively speaking!).

Any opinions to help me decide whether or not to take the plunge, and if so, recommend any kit?

Nic Rhodes

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You need to spend lots of money to get better, be prepared for that....


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I asked a similar question to the arcam technical team and this was their reply

"Dear David,

The CD performance of the DV29 is extremely good, and is certainly the best sounding DVD player we have made in terms of CD sound quality.

The DV29 will get close to the performance of the CD23, and will probably sound better than our top DiVA CD player, but I think you will find that the CD23 still does have the better CD sound.

Try listening to both players (once they are fully run in - 100 hours use) and decide whether you are happy with the extra performance the CD23 offers.

I hope this helps."

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