CD/SACD player or DVD/SACD player


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We are currently looking to upgrade our system to include something that plays SACD. Now it appears that most manufacturers combine the SACD playback functionality with a DVD player, whereas I'd expect it combined with a CD player. The CD players that include SACD are rather expensive. When combined with a DVD player I would expect the player to be a compromise between playing video and playing music, being good, but not excelling in either of those. However at the prices of
We listen a lot to classical music (which explains the need for SACD).

What is your advice: better to buy a CD/SACD combination and separate DVD player or won't it hurt to buy a good DVD/CD/SACD player (like the Denon 2930).

And yes, I will be auditioning whatever we will be buying, I'd just like to narrow down the search before starting.


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If you don't need the DVD playback functionality then you will get better performance from a CD/SACD player until you start looking at machines such as the Arcam DV137 and DV139.

My suggestion for a decent quality CD/SACD player that doesn't cost the earth would be Marantz SA7001 which is about £400-450.


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To cut into this thread... I've been wondering about this issue recently too (yes, also classical music listener noticing how large the selection is growing). It's starting to become clear that a dedicated CD/SACD player is a good bet for pure audio in the future, given the apparent failing of DVD-A as competitor. Such a device for audio together with a universal HD-DVD/Bluray player for video (when they reach decent price levels) would probably be an excellent way forward.

The trouble is, for those of us with good dedicated CD players, what kind of price does one need to pay now to get a CD/SACD player which is competitive? Yes, tough question, but I'd like to indulge in a bit of pointless generalization to get an idea.

In my case: £800 CD player which is around 7 years old, so these days probably bettered by a decent £600 CD player if I believe the hifi magazines. Are we talking £600 CD/SACD player territory to keep the same level of CD play as I have now (ideally I'd like better of course), or are we talking say £1200 for an SACD/CD device to match what my dedicated CD player can do now?

P.S. Yes, I have heard enough SACD to find it worthwhile: I have spent a good few hours with the Marantz DV8400 universal player in another system to know that SACD can sound very impressive, but that my considerably cheaper dedicated CD player probably just tips it for CD. Hence wondering what sort of sound is made by devices which don't have the whole video compromise and just focus on SACD/CD audio only.

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