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I've just upgraded my PC, so the old one is going to be used by my 4 year old for "games" and "learning".
Is there a way that I can get the CD roms onto the HDD so that he can simply click on a desktop icon to start the game, and not have to change the CD?
I think this can be done with a virtual drive, but I didn't really want to do this as he'll still have to "load" the virtual CD - and I haven't found a freeware one!!
Thanks for any advice.


There are a few ways round this problem but probably the simplest is to log on to gamecopyworld.com and check out the PC index. They have a fairly comprehensive list of games that can be er.... modified to lose the hassle of inserting discs. :smashin:


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Thanks for that... but they don't seem to have his games....

Little People, Discovery Airport
Green Eggs and Ham
Dr Suess ABC
Arthur's thinking games
Jump Ahead Toddlers

and others...

Any other ideas as to how I can get these to run from the HDD without having to use the CD rom please...??



Hmmm, you're right, probably a little too esoteric for the usual GCWorld clientelle. My daughter had quite a lot of kiddie orientated stuff on her PC and we found that a lot of it loaded a small programme onto the hard drive and accessed the cd in the drive. We simply transferred the contents of the cd onto the hard drive, went into the properties tab of the desktop shortcut and changed the target details to the programme location. Worked on most of her stuff without a problem.


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Sounds like a plan... I'll give it a go and see - thanks.....
(quite like that gamecopyworld site mind you!)


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Daemon tools is an exellent virtual cd/dvd rom program, most of all its free !
i wouldnt worry about the loading times either, its still 6 or 7x faster than standard cd rom, depending on the speed of your hdd
you can easily create a image of the cd with nero too.

you will how ever have to download some kind of crack to run them though, on some ocasions you wont need to

good luck :)

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I've just been struggling to find a tidy solution to the same problem, and this seems to be it...

Do a google search for 'alcohol 120%' and 'A-Ray scanner'

A-Ray is used for determining the copy protection type of your CD, then alcohol is used for creating the image and mounting it as a virtual CD drive
( as well as many 'other' activities ;)

The full version of alcohol only costs £25, and can mount 31 Cd Drives simultaneoasly!!

A-Ray is freeware... my eternal thanks to R!Co :smashin:

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