CD recorder with a built in hard drive are there any out there?


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I am after a CD recorder with a built in hard drive that can copy my CD collection to its built in hard drive and play them right from the player without the need to connect it to a PC. I also want the ability to create my own custom play lists and write them back to a blank CD

Also something that will recognize the track names and artist and allow you to download the latest info

I did come across the Cambridge Audio Azur 640H and Yamaha CDR-HD1500 but it seems they are old and discontinued

Does anyone know whats out now, that can do what i want and more?

Thank you for your help


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A second hand Yamaha (or the lower capacity CDR-HD1300) is probably your only option (I have one - not for sale though). I don't think that they do CD text, but you can very laboriously add your own text.


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I had once considered the Yamaha CDR-1500, to match the rest of my Yamaha gear; but found it more cost-effective to buy a NAS.

A ReadyNAS Duo (RND2000-100UKS), for example, can be yours for around £240 with one 500Gb drive (twice that of the Yamaha) - with a second free 500Gb provided courtesy of Netgear if you buy before end of June. Add a Squeezebox Classic for £150, as controller, and you're good to go. Total expenditure £390.

You then don't need to have your PC/Mac switched on to access your music.


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Thanks for the help

So if i go with the above option how do i get the music onto the ReadyNAS Duo? is the music going to be streamed from my computer or from the 500gb ReadyNAS Duo?

How far can i stream the music from the ReadyNAS Duo to the Squeezebox Classic?

So let me just give this a quick run down to check if i have this correct you load songs onto the ReadyNAS Duo via your computer disconnect place the Nas any where you like you then connect it to the Squeezebox Classic then stream the music from it?

So on what device do i arrange the music collection, via the remote of the Squeezebox or my computer?



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With iTunes on a PC or Mac, rip your CD collection. I ripped mine in lossless AIFF. You choose the ReadyNAS as the location for your iTunes server.

I have experimented with my set-up thus far....

With the Squeezebox Classic downstairs, connection to my home audio system, and the ReadyNAS upstairs connected to my wireless router (a Netgear DG834N). Result: instantaneous access of tracks by the Squeezebox.

Once I had ripped all my CD's: ReadyNAS relocated downstairs with a direct ethernet (RJ-45) connection to the Squeezebox (enabled as a wireless bridge), that was then connected to my Yamaha RX-V2700 via toslink/optical. Result: instantaneous access of tracks by the Squeezebox.

The reason for the wireless bridge connection is to facilitate access to the internet without your computer being switched on, to access features such as the BBC iPlayer. In future, if you so choose, you can use an iPod Touch with the 'iPeng' application to remotely control the whole system.

Once Belkin have released their 3-port AV powerline plug, I plan to utilise two of these: one connected to my router, and the other feeding the Squeezebox, ReadyNAS, and, Yamaha RX-V2700 (it is a network receiver). This way, I can dispense with wireless altogether.

I bought my ReadyNAS Duo from IT247 - Laptops, Netbooks, Desktop PCs, Printers, Peripherals, Networking and Supplies |

I bought my Squeezebox Classic from AMP3 - Advanced MP3 Players SQUEEZEBOX 3 Classic (Wireless) Network Music System

Details of free 500Gb Seagate drive
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To get back to the original query, it all seemed so beautifully simple on the Yamaha recorder/hard drive. Ok, you don't have the speedy track ident/text etc, but I could live with that. I have asked this q on another thread too, it is all rather baffling that they judge there to be no market for these units anymore.

John Martin

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John Martin

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The uniti doesn't but the HDX does.

The HDX section on naim's website doesn't mention it having a CD recorder built in. (just checked)

John Martin

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Sorry John,

I think I'm getting mixed up. The HDX has a cd "ripper" the uniti is just a player. Neither has a recorder.

No problem.

Just did a little websearch using "CD recorder hard drive" and came up with a few options, including one from Yamaha at about £600. The only problem would probably be that it would expect you to use "audio CDRs", i.e. those specially designed for standalone music CD recorders. The way I get round that (using my Denon CD recorder) is to record onto a CDRW, finalise it, and then copy it to CDR on my computer. This is, of course, when I wish to dub an LP or cassette onto CD. I usually copy the whole side of the LP/tape, and then edit into tracks using that lovely free program "audacity"



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Thanks to everyones help i think the Yamaha CDR-HD1500 seems to be good anyone know why they stopped making them?

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