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Dave N

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Not sure if this is the right forum but anyway....just done my first "burn" as they say - compilation of Chili Pepper tracks. A few questions:

1) There seem to be a difference in sound level between the CD's. The older CD tracks seem "quieter" relative to the newer ones. Is this to be expected? Can it be compensated for?
2) All seemed well except the last three tracks dont play - the CD player (in my car) knows they are there but it dont play them...any ideas?
and finally
3) Any recs on good CD-R disks to use? ( I have a Samsung CD-R - 32 or 40X I think)



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1) There are usually slight differences in recording levels between CDs, especially when you compare older ones to more recent ones. Probably digital recording and mastering makes it easier to use the whole of the dynamic range. Anyway, most CD recording programs seem to have ways to solve this problem. Try looking up 'normalisation' in the help.

2) Dunno. Did you record them in a different session? Did you close the session? Can the CD player handle multiple sessions?

3) Never had any problems with Imation.

PS The tracks you're recording are in the public domain, aren't they?

Dave N

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Ok cheers.
2) Yes all in one "session" - although I was a bit confused with the Help description on this topic. I assume I can record a few tracks then add to them at a later date but not sure of the mechaniscs of that.
3) OK thanks

public domain? Not sure what you mean - I own all the CDs

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