CD player won’t allow me to programme (some) new CDs


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Hi all

I have a Technics Hi Fi separates system from 90s. My CD player is SL-PJ25.
I collect vinyl but no longer play CDS so this problem isn’t a major issue but I bought a CD the other day - a new one - and it plays fine but if I want to programme the tracks in a different order the CD player cannot read the CD and nothing happens.
My wife recently bought some CDs and they all play fine. Could be it that the CD is a Japanese import but if that’s the case why does the CD play in normal order?
I tried a few more CDs from a few years ago and my wife has a double album - one plays and one don’t.
I have a few with the same issue.
Are new CDs made differently as older ones programme fine.
It’s it’s not a big deal but I just wondered if anyone had any ideas why this would happen.


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Are these particularly long CDs?

There has been a move towards fitting as much as possible onto CDs, offering additional bonus materials to broaden the appeal at a time when physical formats, and CD in particular, are fighting for survival. The 'Red Book' CD standard allows for up to 80 minutes of audio content, but some discs are now being issued with longer playing times than this and it is something that could cause issues with some players.


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The import is 57 minutes long.
It’s just odd it can’t play programmed tracks but can play it in normal order.
I need to try it on a newer CD player.


I've a few Japanese SHM CDs and although it's rare for me to programme tracks for playing they have all played perfectly. I'll try a couple later if you wish but have to point out that my player is only a few months old and age may be against your Technics. I did actually own one and for it's day was a damn fine player.


I've just played my Japanese edition of Yes Fragile. Programmed three tracks 4, 6, 1. Played in order and when finished the display showed the total time of the three tracks. That doesn't mean that there are no discs out there that are a bit iffy but I've not come across any. Again I mention that the disc was played on a Denon SACD player that is only a few months old.

Could simply be that the Technics is showing it's age.


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Could be a limit on the number of tracks if the problem CDs have many. So the CD will play sequentially but can't make program tracks that exceed it's capability.

Some CDs also have bonus tracks without a track number, so that may confuse the player also.


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Some players reject programmability of a CD when that CD has more than ca. 20 - 26 tracks (different players have different limits, if any). Many older players also have issues when presented with "hidden" data tracks that your PC can access - they don't see the tracks, but it confuses their programming mode.

I had an interesting case last night with Heinrich Sutermeister: Orchestral Works, Volume One. The CD is 87' (my longest), and my Arcam CD82 failed to show that it had even read the table of contents on loading. Yet hitting Play worked fine.

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