CD player up to £350, options?


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My current CD player is a Marantz CD4000 that I picked up on the forums for £45. I am upgrading my whole system bit by bit and wondering at what point the CD player should be changed. I have heard a few people on here suggest that players under £1000 are all much the same, so big sonic improvements won't be possible within my budget.

I am happy to go second hand although I'm not keen to buy something like a 5 year old Meridian as I feel that technology has improved to allow what only used to be possible in expensive player to filter down to the lower players (feel free to correct me).

So what should I get, if anything and at what stage?

Planed upgrades are:

Power amp (possibly just 2 channel for fronts)
CD player
Pre/pro to replace 2011
DVD player


Brand new model to check out is NAD C542 £330 retail
What sort of budget for the rest?
Power amp: Myryad MA360 3 channel (Centre aswell as fronts)
or any NAD Amplifier can be used as a power amp.


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It's only the CD player I really need input on. I think I have a decent idea about the rest, Parasound is looking tempting for amplfication, going to demo this week.

Speakers I've demoed a lot of, current forerunners are the B&W 703, though I'm a little concerned about the peak at 4,500Hz mentioned in the Hi-fi Choice review. I heard a slight edge on them in demo but figured it was probably just the Roksan Kandy amp wasn't enough for them. I was hoping to keep it under £1500 rather than £2k, the intension was the 704.

I have looked at the 542 and am also considering the Arcam CD72T in classifieds atm. I'm just wondering how much better they would be than my current Marantz.


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I currently use Arcam Diva CD72 and Arcam Diva A85 (Amp) bought in April 2001. The CD player was £399.90 and the amp was £749.90. I then added B&W CDM1NT in March 2003 for £637.50.

I am very happy with the performance of the above kit and am happy to recommend it.

Arcam have since upgraded to CD player to Diva CD73T, but it still costs £400.00 and the amp is now the Diva A80 at £600.00, although from reading your post sounds like you have decided on the amp you want.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Smith


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If you can find one try the Marantz CD6000KI. I got mine for £350. I still enjoy the sound and prefered it over the arcam CD72T, and i'm normaly a fan of arcam kit.

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