CD player transport vs DVD player transport


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Sep 12, 2003
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What I'm trying to work out is which is the best device / connecion method to listen to CD music. :confused:

I have a Marantz CD63 and a Denon DVD 2900 both hooked up with digital and analogue connections. Now I've seen the reviews which say the 2900 CD playback is only equivalent to approx £200 CD players, however I assume this is just assessing the analogue connections.

As the 2900 has a very solid build then I would assume that it would provide a better digital feed to the amp (Pioneer VSX D2011) than the Marantz (due to reduced Jitter/quality of components)?

I'm currently doing some listening tests (as I know it is the most important factor) however was just trying to work out the theory.

Anyone care to share their views?
do some searching (i think in general hardware) since there is a long thread with things which may well be of intestest to you

I suspect you won't here much difference using the DAC in a receiver (even a good one). You would have to use a dedicated audio DAC to make it worthwhile.
My Denon DVD-A1 DVD player is connected to my Denon A1SE amplifier with a digital interconnect.
So is my CD player, a Denon DCD835 (approx £200).

With the amplifier doing the D/A conversion from both units, sound from the DVD-A1 absolutely trounces the CD player.

So, IMO, if your not using an analogue connection at all then the DVD player will probably sound at least as good and probably better.
I have a Toshiba SD-900E and a Marantz CD-80 (an old, once famous cd-player), both connected digitally and analogue to a Marantz SR-14mkII. (As boxes I use B&W CDM 9NT's.)

I have tried the same record (and a copy: Rene Fleming, Bel Canto) in both players and listened carefully to both players and both connections.

I couldn't here a difference when both players were connected digitally to the receiver (thuis the DAC of the Marantz was used).

I couldn't here a difference between the analogue and digital connection of the Toshiba SD-900E.

I could here a difference between the analogue and the digital connection of the Marantz CD-80: the digital connection sounded a bit lighter, more analytic, the analogue connection sounded less so, probably a bit more musically. I don't know what I liked better. I had the impression for complex music I would like better the digital connection, for e.g. voices like Rene Fleming, I would like better the analogue connection.
[Later on I tried other music, too; with the same results.]

To sum up: it doesn't matter much, at least with my components.

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