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Hi Forums - I hope you can help me!

I want to replace my old ghetto-blaster style CD player with something better.

Ideally, I want something that will play my collection of CDs as well as DAB radio and allow access to Spotify. I'd like a speaker/s that I can move up or downstairs. I don't really want to make my CD library obsolete if I can avoid it.

My budget is about £800 for player and speaker/s.

The research I've done has indicated that a Danon DM41 DAB would be a good CD/ DAB player, and either an Audio Pro ADDON C3 or (a pair of?) Audio Pro ADDON A10 should connect through Bluetooth. I think I should be able to cast Spotify from my phone/ laptop to the speakers.

Can anyone tell me if this will work?



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How many CDs are we talking and do you have a computer with a CD/DVD drive?

You could think about ripping your CDs to lossless files and not using a CD player for playback.

I'd also suggest DAB radio to be unnecessary and not very high quality at all.

A device that streams would be able to play your ripped files, play back radio stations by streaming from the internet in much better quality than DAB and stream from Spotify.

An amp like this with a suitable pair of speakers will cover all of the bases you need.
Yamaha RN602 (Silver)

Your ripped music could be stored on a USB device plugged in directly, stored on your PC and streamed through your network (although you may or not want to have your PC turned on to access music) or stored on a NAS device of some sort.

That's what I'd do anyway.

Edit to add: I realise this doesn't cover the portable aspect of your question, but nether does the Denon DM. The Yamaha amp I suggested is compatible with Yamaha's multi room musiccast system so you could add a portable or fixed speaker for other rooms.
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Thanks Jamie.

I've got pretty much all of the music (800 ish albums) I own stored in MP3 format on my laptop but I still see it as a back up rather than the final source. I'm also aware that MP3 is far from loss-less...

I spoke someone in Richer Sounds who pretty much said the same thing you did (offering Yahama as an option) but recommended the Sonos because the app was easier to use and it'd let me do everything from one place.

I don't really want to totally let go of the discs but I'm starting to think I might just be hanging on for the sake of it!


MP3 is pretty pants. Maybe fine for the car or music on the move but for serious listening from ripped FLAC or other lossless formats will be a lot better. Think the Denon is pretty good with files on the whole.


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Maybe time to look at better ripping software on your laptop (dBPowerAmp for eg) and then feel free to focus one something good for streaming and FLAC+MP3 playback.


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The most common Lossless Ripping Format is FLAC, though for Apple Fan-Boys it would be ALAC. MP3, much like JPEG, throw data away to make the files smaller, FLAC/ALAC are compressed more like ZIP Files, where the file is still smaller, but 100% of the enclosed Data is recovered.

MP3 are fine when you are outside jogging or walking with wind, people, and traffic noise, or background music while you are distracted by other things. However, FLAC/ALAC are the choice for more serious listening.

With hard drive storage being so cheap, you could simply leave the Files in WAV format which has NO compression. The files are larger but I said... Storage is Cheap.

£800 is a pretty decent budget, but the portability issue is less than ideal. An Amp with Bookshelf speakers could on rare occasion be moved from room to room, but again, that is less than ideal.

A CD Player will usually run in the £200 to £300 range minimum for a new unit. Though there are a few rare exceptions, and hard to find an amp for less than £300 especially if you want Networking. That's what makes the Yamaha RN602 Network Receiver such a bargain, you get a DAC and Network Streaming plus and 80w/ch Amp and Radio (AM/FM) for about £360.

Yamaha RN602 (Silver)

You can get a good pair of Bookshelf Speakers for just under £300/pair. Though you could potentially find a speakers on Close Out for less.

Now you could perhaps trim back on the quality and features of the amp but still get a DAC and Network Streaming -

Yamaha RN303 Network Receiver - £249 -

Yamaha RN303D Silver

Not more low cost, but far more compact would be the Yamaha WCA-50 Amp/Streamer. This using has an Optical Input, AUX, and a Network Connection. The Amp has a modest but sufficient 50w/ch.

Yamaha WCA-50 50w/ch Network Streaming Amp - £329 -


But consider that the Yamaha RN602 has many more features and 80w/ch for £359. That's a lot more amp for only £30 more, but it is physically bigger.

Every system compromises something, in this case I think your desires have exceeded your budget, so you are going to have to ask yourself what you are willing to give up in one area to get what you want in another. Most likely the thing you will have to give up is portability.

Richer Sounds usually has some deals on speakers, so you might want to look through their selection -

Standmount Speakers | Richer Sounds

This are large (6.5") bookshelf speakers are a fairly decent price, but they may push you over budget depending on the other equipment you get -

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 - £279/pair -

Monitor Audio BRONZE 2 (Walnut)

Good speakers but more in the bargain range, and being sold at pretty deep discounts, consider these -

Wharfedale Diamond 220 - £99/pr -

Wharfedale DIAMOND 220 (Black)

Diamond 220 – WHARFEDALE

The current equivalent model of Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 is selling for £199/pr with a suggested retail of £269/pr.

The Cambridge SX60 has a 6.5" bass driver, and is a bargain at this price -

Cambridge SX60 - £129/pr -

Cambridge Audio SX60 (Walnut)

Perhaps with not quite as much bass, but the Q Acoustic 3020 are very well regarded for sound quality. These are on deep discounts because the newer 3020i models have been release. These are the speakers I have on my computer.

Q Acoustic 3020 - £129/pr -

Q Acoustics 3020 (Matte Graphite)

These are all good speakers at deep discounts.

So, this is how a system would break down -

£200 = CD Player
£240 = Yamaha RN303
£129 = Speaker Pair
£569 = Total

So, you have some flexibility.

£200 = CD Player
£360 = Yamaha RN602
£129 = Speaker Pair
£689 = Total

That could give you a bit of flexibility in your choice of speakers. You could go as high as £250/pr and stay very close to budget.

At Richer Sounds, you have a choice of 10 CD Players in the range of £150 to £250.

Nothing really beats the Yamaha RN602 for power, features, and price, but it is not small.

Taking you just a bit over budget, this would be a very good system -

£200 = CD Player
£360 = Yamaha RN602
£279 = Monitor Audio Bronze 2 - 6.5" Pair
£839 = Total

And keep in mind you can get the smaller Bronze 1 (5.25") for about £229/pr. That takes the total under £800 to about £789.

Monitor Audio BRONZE 1 (Walnut)

I haven't covered everything, but I have given you a good cross-section of possibilities and illustrated what can be done near your budget range.

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