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CD Player for Arcam AVR 250


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I'm looking for a CD player to go with the avr250. Can any 250 owners make some recommendations? I'm not sure what sort of budget I should be looking at but I'm thinking £300-350 should be about right. I'm got some Van den Hull The Name cables too and I'm thinking that should complement the system well but could go a bit higher, maybe Merlin Chopin or something similiar? Would welcome some feedback!:D


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I am in similar boat as you, Mickle. I just purchased AVR350 yesterday (will arrive today .. hopely) and looking for CD player that has low jitter optical out as I want to use 350's DAC .. Can anyone recommand low jitter optical out CD player that costs around $400-$700US?


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I'm in a bit of a quandry as I wanted to get a disc player for a hi-def format and try to get a player that'll play back CD's well too but I can't see me spending any serious money on a HD disc player for a while yet. I'm thinking that maybe I can get a budget-end CD player (£250 and up) and chuck in a 360 HD DVD player and then, maybe, in the far future, get a serious universal player:D CD,SACD,DVD-A,BD, HD-DVD and DVD playback all in one box!:rotfl: Maybe I can even squeeze some:smashin: old LD's in it!


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Rather than buy a mid-price CD player, get a HDD media player. I'm impressed with the quality of my PixelMagic HD-MB200. Sounds as good as a CDP at the same price, and plays HD video as well.

You normally rip everything through your PC (no optical drive in the unit), but it can, in theory, support an optical drive via USB.


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Oh Cheers. I'll have to have a look at that. How much did you pick yours up for?

I bought mine from my local hifi shop, so I paid full price - £359, IIRC.
There is also a cheaper model (HD-MB100) for £70 less. The only difference between the two is that the '200 has a superclock (TCXO).
I also bought a 300gb Samsung HDD for about £60.

I bought this unit primarily as a music player, after a 3-hour demo against a PC-based solution and a £600 CDP. The PC was easily the worst. The CDP just beat the PM, but, adding a £200 DAC to the PM (taking the total price to £600) put it back in the lead.

I've got several DVD rips on it, and the results are very good. I've only got a Samsung 850 to compare it with, but the PM seems to scale better, with less banding/solarisation.

HD trailers (.wmv) also play perfectly.

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