CD Player & DVD Player, or all in one?


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Aug 10, 2005
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I have just baught my Denon 2106 av reciver and i`m so impressed! But now i have to decide on what CD player to buy and DVD OR do i just buy a quality DVD player that can handle both. When i demoed the system, i was using a top model DVD player (SOny) and it seemed to be coping well!

What would you u do?
And any suggestions?

Thanks Chris
depends on your budget , what is your budget in total?
i would normally always recommend a seperatae CD player, but if your budget isnt that much, go for a real good DVD player that can handle music as well.
Go for a good CD player and one of the better £100 DVD players in my opinion. I've never heard a £400 DVD player that can equal something like a CD73.
I'd agree with witters, get a good dedicated CD player and then a DVD player of reasonable quality and you should be happy as there is not too many out there that can replay a good CD sound unless you spend alot more $$$.
Not saying you're wrong Shahedz but Craynerd needs to bear in mind that CD/DVD players are far riskier buying second hand but in saying that there are some good bargains to be had as long as your careful.
witters said:
Go for a good CD player and one of the better £100 DVD players in my opinion. I've never heard a £400 DVD player that can equal something like a CD73.

Phillips 963 would IMHO and it costs less than £300, and Ive heard a £500 Sony NSV900 that would better a CD73 Witters to my ears. Both are availbale £100 ish second hand, The old “CD player is better than DVD” is slwoly changing a change for the better IMHO, just a case of picking DVD players with decent DACs & analg output stages.

At the vert least I would suggest £100-200 on a DVD player then add an offboard DAC @ £200. £100 DVD player + £300 CD player is a waste of monies to my mind.

PS You can pick up DVD players like the Toshiba SD-9500 for £300, Sony 9000ES SACD/CD for £350, do we still hold sway that a £300 Arcam is better at CD than them ?

Good thread here for DVD players that “do CD” :

PS Cranyerd you have a problem for a start looking for better CD in that your using a AV Integrated amp, check out the threads about stereo amps V AV integrateds (do a search on Stereo above), you have more ne4ed to change that than to slot a “decent” CD player in to listen to stereo. Advice the chaps above should have pointed out to you before you worry about CD replay. :smashin:
Well thats a pile of crap! I`ve just spent £400 on an amp that everyone told me would adiquately play stereo as well as giving me 5.1 !!! Ur saying it wont play stereo well?

PM to you
lol, forget that post! Just had it hooked up, and i dont know what you guys are looking for, but to me it couldnt get any better ! Rock ON !!!!

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