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CD player dilemma

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by seanc, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. seanc


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    Hi All,

    I wonder if any of you could help me?

    I'm considering upgrading my year old Arcam CD92 CD player for either a Musical fidelity A3.24 or the Meridian 500 Transport and 566.24 DAC. Any suggestions on this?

    I'm looking to buy second hand, as I'm a bit of a bargin hunter!

    My current system is:

    Arcam A85, P85 Pre/Power Amp
    Arcam CD92 CD Player
    Audio Concept Jaguar Loudspeakers
    John Dory Interconnects

    Cheers in advance


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    Nov 16, 2000
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    Sean, both DACs you mention are very nice units, but the Meridian combo are in another class level to the MF A3.24 IMHO, especially a dedicated transport like the 500 bolted to the 566.24 going from your Ring DAC’d CD92, the Meridian will give you a more substantial upgrade over the CD92 or A3.24 IMHO. How much have you got to spend ?, for example Chord 64s have recently been spotted at a shade over £1100 on the 2nd hand market. Then just keep your eye open for a CD transport bargain like the 500. A good 2 box combo going just now is from TAG : you could get your hands on (direct from the TAG factory) for the princley sum of £1400 :

    CD Transport CDT20R-T2L £950 : Refurbed products : with 2 Year RTF warranty.
    Digital to Analogue Convertor DAC 20-SL £450 Refurbed products : with 2 Year RTF warranty

    A seriously nice 2 box solution IMO, well I own a DAC 20 and Im more than impressed with what it can do so that’s why I would push it.

    Bear in mind any DAC that you are thinking of should have pretty good digital input connections (like the Dac 20 above), ie in case you ever wish to upgrade your transport so finding one with an XLR/AES/EBU 110, Glass optical or BNC is a safe bet to cover yourself in the eventuality you may get a dedicated estoric transport in palce that you can feed your DAC. Just some pointers, but for £1400 I think that TAG combo would be very hard to beat pricewise.

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