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CD player choice?


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To save me rambling on I'll try to keep this simple. I'm currently using an old Philips CDF200 (Kodak Photo CD Player), I got it for free many years ago but I've always been surprised with it and hence always kept it. Side by side comparison with an Arcam CD93t I used to own, it actually faired pretty well.. just lacked in refinement/musicality at the very highest frequencies. The player drawer hasn't worked for ages (snapped belt) plus it doesn't play mixed mode CD's so I can't play some of my music :rotfl:


I have this now:

Arcam Alpha 7R
Quad 22L's

Don't really require a subwoofer, although I used to have some REL's and said I'd never have a system without a sub again.. these Quads seem to provide sufficient extension for my needs right now and honestly don't want to mess up the sound at the moment! :rotfl: Smallish room and setting up a sub in here can be difficult/temperamental.

Going to buy:

2x Arcam 8p power amps (or should I opt for a later version?)

Musical Tastes:

Pink Floyd, Roger waters, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Joanna Newsom, M Ward, Fairport Convention, Radiohead, (early) U2, Neil Young, Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Randy Newman, etc, etc..

Basically nothing too fast, heavy or 'rocky' - Into mostly the more acoustic, folk side of things these days to be honest.

Just looking for CD player that's musical and refined. I did like the 93t, a lot! but perhaps something a little more affordable. What about the 7SE or even a later 8 or 9? Just something really musical and clean, you know, not adding any "colour" to the sound or adding too much warmth. Soundstage and imaging really do it for me. The entry level Arcam player I had was a bit disappointing, never got on with it.


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Hi,Ys.and welcome

Given the nature of your Question(s),you will probably get a more relevant response in the Hi-Fi forum,which is where I'm moving you to.

Good Luck,


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