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I've picked up an old Sony CDP-710 CD player at a price that I couldn't refuse, always wanted a player with decent transport and components.

It was non working, tray wouldn't eject so took it apart to fix the tray belt so this now works but it wouldn't play any CDs, would sometimes read the TOC but not always.

Checked all the caps and they are all good so I googled and read up about laser strength, T-Gain, F-Gain etc... Marked all the pots so that I could go back to how they were set, I increased the laser strength a bit before playing around with the other pots but that made no difference at all so set this back to where it was. So moved onto adjusting the others but none except for T-Gain seemed to make any difference. Increasing, I assume, the T-Gain and it started reading the TOC instantly and now also plays any CD.

The problem is that although it now plays CDs it's very sensitive to any movement of the transport and nothing I do seems to improve this.

Now I know that in order to properly calibrate I really need an oscilloscope but I don't have one so am wondering if anybody here has any hints and tips or an approach that could be used to get some form of calibration? I know full well that the answer is to get an oscilloscope but you never know.

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