CD playback - is there an easy way to use PLIIx?


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I have my PS3 connected to my amp by HDMI and have the Audio Output Settings set to all formats that the amp supports (up to 7.1 PCM).

Trouble is this means that whenever I try to playback a CD it's sent to the amp as 7.1 PCM with sound only in the front left and front right channels - the other 5.1 channels are all silent. As the audio is coming in as 7.1 the amp just passes the audio straight through to the speakers and only 2 of my speakers are used.

I've found that if I go back into Audio Output Settings and de-select everything except for 2 channel PCM the CD audio gets sent to the amp as 2 channel and the amp can therefore apply PLIIx and output through all 7.1 speakers.

Does anyone know of an easier way to use PLIIx for a CD, rather than having to de-select all 5.1 and 7.1 formats every time I want to listen to some music?


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you could buy some sacd's instead? :p

in a more serious note lol, arent there any other surround processing options on your amp? THX neural 5.1 isnt bad for music i found, or neo6:music? i still prefer it in 2 channel anyway lol

its something they need to address in the firmware. there's currently no way to output 2 channel 44.1khz from cd's over hdmi unless you deselect the other sample rates and formats. the3re's also no way at all to output 44.1khz from audio stored on the drive or streamed from elsewhere.

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