cd drive not working


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I`m trying to get the cd drive working on an Iqon desktop
When I put in a coped cd the pop up window for what I want to do pops up but when I select view files there`s nothing there, thsi os for any copied cd I use.
If I put in a genuine cd what ever it is it does`nt detect it, nothing pops up.
The drive does`nt spin, but the light is on and I can hear a low and dull kind of click, about 3 of them and then nothing.
I`ve updated drivers, uninstalled them, then restart so windows will detect them, disabled it and all done nothing.
I opened it up and checked connections all seem ok, even switched some, I think its the molex one, small with four coloured wires, there was another similar but it had doubled the amount of wires, tried that and it was the same as before.
Could it be that the cd drive it just fecked?
Its a Philips one, I also checked the BIOS and here`s a picture, from what Ive read it seems to be right, any help would be great cheers!!!


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Sounds like a head alignment problem. If you read a written disk of course the head aligns.


Sounds like a knackered drive, which isn't surprising. Philips make lousy writers. Had several of them and they don't last long.


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Make a bootable CD (a copy of Linux for example), if that fails to work then you can rule out windows.


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Cheers lads for the advice, but one last question for ya`s, I`m going to buy a new one to replace it, nothing fancy, its for a friend, I just need to know what kind of drive it is, SATA or IDE?
Here`s some pictures, what would be a good make to get?



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What`s this crowd like to buy off of?

Trying to register with them but cant cause it needs postal code, I aint got one???? Do they deliver outside the uk?
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Doubt it, in that case, Amazon will be your best bet.


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Not much joy there either
its off topic i know but i just have to say...

LOVE your signature!!!

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