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cdcovers.cc closed their audio section :-(
any good alternatives?
any recomendations?


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NO !!! DONT DO IT !!!

After finding the file/cover you want to download, It loaded up about 50 pop up ads - all full page with no way to close them down.

:mad: :mad: :mad:


He’s right I went there to get a Reg2 cover for my Reg4 Tomorrow Never Dies I had to switch my connection off. And the site is mainly not in English.

:mad: :mad: :mad: Also


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Thanks for the warnings guys. I hadn't tried to d/l a cover from them. Just did a search


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Well, it seems noone has anything to recomend. Sad sad sad!

Cdcoverz.com is one of those criminal sites, you will never reach any cover thru it, and http://covers.f00.nu/ is also down since some time ago.

Cum'on guys , anyone knows one good site?

And here I do not mean useless answers like that from Sgt.Colon after hitting one search at Google, I want some real recomendation from users.


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Im giving www.coverz.com a try at the moment..its in english, virtually no pop ups so far, a bit on the slow side at the mo, but they are due to change servers (Hmmm sounds familiar) ;). Have a very good range of audio covers from what I have seen so far, but you do have to register with them..just email addy and pick a username etc..2 minute job..

Thats about the best I can come up with at the moment..any body else got anything to reccomend since cdcovers.cc went south ?
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