CD - AMP advice please for sub £1000


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Hi there

I'm looking for a new Amp and CD combo and have looked at the following, I'd be gratefull for any experiences with any of these and any general advice with my search :-

opps....connecting to Celestion Impact 40 floorstanders...91db-4ohm and listen to mostly rock ( though some country classical etc )

Marantz SA7001 - PM7001 cira £750

had Marantz CDs in past and always loved the sound and both seem to get good solid reviews...HI-FI Choice etc.

Denon DCD1500AE - PM1500 cira £850

Looks good spec and gets good reviews

Cambridge Audio 740C - 740A £1000

Very good reviews and I can go to the shop....

Arcam CD73 - A80 circa £550-600 on ebay.

Arcam always seems to get good reviews and no probelm with used Hifi had plenty never had any problems.

Original 2008F CD - Dussun V6i amp circa £1000 ( inclu taxes ) hi-end/dussun v6i.html

I would prefer the simplicity and safeness of a UK deal but you cannot argue with the Chinia gears bang/buck.

If anyone has any experiences or views on the above choices and any recommendations on these or indeed any other combo's I'd be most gratefull.


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Your main issue IMO is driving those 4 ohm speakers. I am a Cambridge Audio owner and fan so I would certainly suggest a listen if you can, and of course any listening has to be via your speakers or other similarly specified speakers to see if the amp gets distressed.


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91db and 4 ohms isn't that tricky.... my Dyn's are 86db and 4 ohms and i've heard them sound stunning off the Arcam Solo, which would be something i'd urge anyone to test at the £1000 price point... sounds far better than it has any right to!

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