CD 20R and CDT 20R what the difference


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While I realise one's a transport and the other has a DAC if you were playing it through a AV32R would it make any difference to the sound quality?

Seems to me that the only real way of getting a really good digital signal into the AV32 is to use a Tag source, with the Tagtronic link. Even a Lynx 2 would'nt have the purest clock sync that a Tag source would have.

In which case given the CD can be picked up for less £££ than the CDT is there any point in paying more?


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Sync links can make an audible difference,but my own experiences with an AV32R have been that the difference between an AV32R and a DP is much bigger than any differences with a sync link,and also that if it's given a good enough transport( that isnt prone to large amounts of jitter etc) it gives a very good account of itself.


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In addition to the sync link the transport CDT20R-T2 is supposed to have better components on the inside - at least that's what my retailer told me :)
He named exactly all the differences but I cannot remember them anymore. At least it made me purchase the CDT :clap:
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