CD 192/CD 33 - How do they compare?


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Has anyone done any serious A-B trials on the CD 192 and the CD 33 - side by side? I know the 33 is built like a brick outhouse by comparison with the 192 but do they SOUND signficantly different? you get more bang for your bucks from the 33? Crustyloafer may want to comment.


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Yes the CD33 has more bite and is crisper and more detailed. The CD192 is a bit more laid back in comparison and does not offer the same biuld quaility or precision in the sound.


I posted a question abouth this same comparisons before because my dealer didn't have both on hand to audition. With imput from Crustyloafer and others I just ordered the CD33 without a listen. Since day one I've owned it, I was extremely pleased, and as I put more and more hours spinning the discs, it actually sounds today much better, more detailed soundstage, seems clearer in the mids and the bass seemed to tighten up. However my speakers were also new and undergoing a metamorphosis, so my descriptions are tainted but...after the breakin period of both speakers and CD33, I could go back and listen to cd's I bought when I first got the CD33 and play them now and it's like night and day...very pleased :smashin: The thing is too that at the time I was purcahseing a lot of gear at one time and it was an economical choice to try the CD192 but since the CD36 just starting hitting the streets I asked my dealer for a discount based on it's new replacement being the CD36. Here in the US that request got me $600 off retail and that was the show-stopper for close in price to the CD192 at that point it became a no of my better choices to date :clap:

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