CD-10 Ceiling Mount



Sorry to cross post, but the wife is on my arse to get these set up

Anyone have any thoughts on ceiling mounting the CD10's? I know the c70's are the in ceiling but I would like to mount the cd10's (matches my decor)

They have no rear thread hole in them..
There are 6 screws in the back, but I don't know what they are holding, and if the holes can support the weight
I have a machinist buddy who can make me a plate to use these holes, I just hate to hold the weight of the speaker on holes that might not be ment to hold that kind of weight.

Anyone else ever looked into ceiling mounting these? I've been scouring the internet for days.



I thought of that, but the problem is with the Canton wall bracket.. It is a hook system. It will allow you to point the speaker when it is level, but once I angle it, I think it will just find its own center after a bit. (ie it will adjust itself and point the wrong way when tilted at our heads)

I am curious to find out about these screws in the back of the speakers and what they do, and if I can moutn to them.

Or possibly, does anyone know of a speaker ceiloing mount that holds the speaker from underneither?

Thanks Again


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If you're not worried about resale value, short self-tapping screws should find their way into the CD10's aluminium quite nicely...

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