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CCTV Setup for my Grandmom


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Hey guys, hope your all in good health.

I need some advice in order for me to provide security and a peace of mind for myself, my family and most importantly my grandma.

My grandad has passed on two weeks ago and used to live with my grandmom alone. Now that she will be alone we are all looking to install a home security system but we want to install the best system that fits our needs.

Firstly we need to buy two cameras one for the front and one for the rear. However I'm not sure how to setup a recording system. We don't have any sort of computers at the house so I was hope if it was possible to have a system which has a recording system within. So first question really, what is the best type of saving system. If something happens we'd firstly try to support my grandmom, however we'd like recording for minimum of 3 days before it records over or however it works, it allows for reaction for any incident and time to stop the recording from recording over itself.

Is there other things that we should consider?

Where should we be buying the system from?

What sort of budget should I set?

Is there a possible nightvision camera?

Is it better to position the camera within a porch so its clear to see who is at the door or up high for more viewing angle?

I appreciate any help that you people could kindly share with me.


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Have a look on here, Wireless IP Camera | Home Security CCTV Cameras | Wireless Security Surveillance Network Camera | Y-cam Solutions
Ive two of these cameras myself, one for external security at the front covering door and driveway,I have the one with its own internal SD card for either recording or taking snapshots on alarm and once set up you can access it from anywhere in the world.
"as long as you have broadband in your grandmothers house" Not sure if this would be feasable or not, so just a suggestion. The other camera is being use as a baby monitor, so I can check our daughter either online when im working away from home or even on an iphone.

Also it can come with nightvision if required and sound.prices vary so a search online would be best.

I must point out my Wife is at home during this, were not leaving her in on her own:D:blush: Honest!

Best of luck in your search
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lol your post made me chuckle... thanks for your response... i really like the look of y-cam but we dont have internet at my grandmoms


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lol your post made me chuckle... thanks for your response... i really like the look of y-cam but we dont have internet at my grandmoms

Our IP cameras and online recording/alerts system was designed with just the kind of thing you have in mind in terms of being able to keep an eye on a loved one from afar.....but as with the y-cams you will need to have Internet at the location where you want the cameras.

For what you want I would certainly look at getting a cheap broadband connection installed and then use IP cameras rather than standard cctv, as the former will enable you to not only have access to recordings but, with your grandma's permission, live video of her and 2 way audio when you need.

Some IP cameras also have 'privacy buttons' on them so that your grandma can decide when she wants to be watched over and when not. This covers internal cameras but for external ones you won't need to use the privacy button as you want to have the video enabled on them at all times of course.



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I used to sell non commercial type cameras years ago as a hobby and had/have a selection of cameras .One of the best cameras I had to do the job of monitoring a door or passage was a camera that had passive infrared attached to the casing . There was a control box with switches to control the settings together with an intercom switch . The camera housing had both a microphone and a speaker , so not only could you speak to the person at the door , you can hear them . Ideal for a porch or under a soffit if a bungalow the camera will sence movement and automatically switch the picture to the TV to an adjustable time setting or simply make the sound of a door bell ,all adjustable .........tv on or off , door bell on or off or both on together . Set the TV mode from 3 seconds to 30 seconds . There was also 6 LED's around the lens for night vision to about 6 foot .
Not sure if this was the sort of thing you had in mind ,but if it is , let me know as I have one left .


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lol your post made me chuckle... thanks for your response... i really like the look of y-cam but we dont have internet at my grandmoms

Thought as much :D but it was worth mentioning, could always get her to move in with You :laugh:

As for the night vision, its pretty good in as much as I can clearly see my Daughter in a completely darkened room, handy when she falls out of bed:eek:

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