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Mar 2, 2004
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Complete novice needs help (also just discovered site, so sorry if it is wrong section!!!)

I have a cctv in my son's nursery that is cabled back to my main tv in the living room. It is connected via a scart lead and is only viewable on either the AV1 & AV2 'channels' on the tv set (which is not a major issue at present as it still works albeit after a bit of button pressing). The house was re-wired recently to distribute the Sky system to other rooms in the house running as clones to the main tv where the digi box is.
Ideally I would like to be able to view the cctv image on the other tvs. Can anyone guide as to how this can be easily achieved ??? Is there a method of connecting the cctv scart into the digibox ? or would this not provide an answer ??

Many thanks

The cctv output is a composite video signal via scart. To include it in your tv distribution system you need to buy an rf modulator which turns it into a tv tuneable picture. This can be fed into the distribution box along with the aerial and sky so that it appears on all tv's on the tuned channels.

RF modulators come in various types with the main difference being the channles they tune to. The cheapest are fixed at ch36 which is sbout the same as most videos so may be a problem. The more expensive allow the whole range 21-69.
Thanks mate......god I am learning all the time. CAn you suggest a reasonably priced item ?

PS : I thought that if you didn't have scart you needed an RF modulator (IE : If your tv didn't have enough scarts etc) or am I way off track

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