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I have a 1TB Swann NVR8-7400 CCTV and I need to upgrade the internal HDD to 3TB.

According to good old YouTube, it's a easy swap, however, I do not know which one to purchase.

My research has found brand names Seagate and WD Purple HDD parts and they must be surveillance class.

Is the one in the attached link the correct type ?



Seagate BarraCuda 3TB
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If you go to here they have all the "proper" surveillance drives neatly in one place. Personally, I've never really understood what the difference is and why a drive would be "better" at surveillance than anything else. If it's a single one off drive then the premium you pay isn't all that much so go for it.



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I too use WD Purples in the NVR. Supposedly they are built for "Enhanced Workload for 24/7 running", and their price is reasonable.
Like the WD Reds I use for my NAS they seem to go on and on without any fuss.

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NVR HDs are often continuously writing (mine are). They are optimised to write continuously. Consuming very low power and generating lower heat. This is supposed to increase the Drive’s life and improve their efficiency. I tend to use WD Purples because I haven’t had a failure yet.

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