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hi, Im hoping someone might be able to give me some advice on fault finding a newly installed cctv system. I have installed the following:

H.264 HDSCI x4 camera system approx 100m cable in total, approx 25 meter run per camera. using RG59 twin cable (coaxial in 1 and twin core power in the adjoining).

1.5TB DVR with x4 inputs connected to external monitor.

External Power Supply with 240v input reducing each channel down to 12 volts.

Each camera is terminated in an external IP65 rated box using BNC fittings with screw (plus and minus terminals on.)

The install all went well and when the system was powered up all 4 cameras came on but within 30 minutes Id lost 3 of the 4 cameras and these now come on randomly if I move the cables on the back of the DVR, there does not seem to be any consistent reason why they are behaving like this. Ive been around all 4 cameras and tested for voltage drop at the camera end, each is showing no less than 11.9V and the same at the DVR end in the Power/Transformer box, each channel is reading bang on 12V.

Ive also tested the 1 good camera on all 4 outputs of the DVR and it works on each channel fine, which Im guessing proves that the DVR is good and not faulty. Ive also tested each power output of the transformer with the 1 good camera and again it works on all 4 power output pairs, so Im guessing this is ok too. Which only leaves the cables or the bnc terminals at both camera(s) and DVR end.

Tonight, I went to maplins and bought some different BNC push fit connectors but again these seemed to make no difference.

Is there anything else I can try? Im not entirely sure where to go next with this issue.

Many thanks for any help

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I would suggest starting with one camera at a time rather than switching all cameras on at the same time.
Pick one camera, make sure its working on a test lead and connected to the DVR.
If all ok reconnect the camera back at its installed position and reconnect to the DVR.

(What type of power supply do you have, just a single unit for all four or seperate for each camera.?)

With the first camera connected, test to see if all ok. if no video, confirm the camera is powering up.
If the camera has IR, does the IR come on when lens is covered?

If still no video, I would reterminate each end of the RG59 using Crimp on BNC and repeat the above.


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