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Hi, I am wondering if you could help me, as I am ready for throwing my entire system in the bin.

I have a 2 camera system - 5MP Full Colour Turret Ony-x Camera - Eagle Range that is installed with coaxial cable. In addition, I have it connected to a 2TB 4 Channel Ony-x DVR that supports unto 5MP.

Channel 2 - Front House

Channel 4 - Back House

The App I am using is the one that the QR Code takes me to - DMSS

Everything works ok apart from the following. and it is this what is causing the frustration :

1) By choosing Motion Detection and using the blocks to create the areas of movement and ones to avoid - using the Test function works. It will blink the tile that the motion is happening. However, when all this is enabled, I only get notifications on my phone through DMSS that it has picked up motion on Channel 2, but it will only give me a notification for that channel. Even though both channels are set up the same on the DVR and DMSS. How can I get notifications for both cameras?

2) I have even tried enabling the SMD but will only work for Channel 2 - it will not let me add anther channel as I get the message "Reached Max Capability of AI Anaylsis" for some reason. Why? If I just enabled Channel 4 , it still picks up nothing.

3) If I enable the Cameras in built Menu via PZR it will notify me on my phone that there has been motion detected. But then any subsequent motion is not notified. Strange.

4) Also, is there anyway I can get the Smart Light to come on if it detect motion? If I use the PZR menu on Smart Light it only gives me the options : Manual/Smart Light/Off, and then a sub menu of intensity and brightness.

5) Also, when I select Encode for the cameras, it will not allow me to get a great FPS than 10 for Main View, when the cameras are capable of 20 FPS. Is there a reason for this? Even if I drop the resolution to 1080P the FPS still remains the same.

Many thanks for your help.

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