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Has anyone got any suggestions on a flat panel for CCTV?

At the moment I am running a 17" LCD pc monitor but of course is not displaying in the native resolution so looks dire.

Would a dedicated LCD TV work any better.

Thanks very much.


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Hi TJ,

The only flat panel monitors that I'm satisfied with for CCTV applications are the AG Neovo X & SX series.

If the image is generally static i.e. not sequentially changing, the X series is the cost effective option. If the image is going to be sequentially changing the SX series is the better option. I find the patented glass filters AG Neovo places over these screens creates a more CRT like image.


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In the past I've purchased my AG Neovo monitors from Rocate:

They seem to be competitive on price and carry most items in stock. I believe they show up to date stock levels so you know it's not going to be back ordered.

I forgot to mention that the X series does not always come with the composite video input, so be wary when purchasing. The X series from Rocate does include the RCA composite video input as standard if needed.




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I used to install cctv and we used tft monitors


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Neovo Sshould now come with a bnc connection so shoukd be no requirement for a bnc to rca adapter


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SX series has BNC inputs as it’s primarily intended for CCTV applications. The X series is intended for multimedia applications hence the RCA input. The BNC to RCA adapter is circa £1.50 so is not really an issue when choosing between the two.


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Have to agree with Zippycat here.

The Neovo's are sometimes considered expensive but as soon as you plug them in then you understand the price.

We also buy from Rocate and they also stock BNC to RCA adaptors for a £1 I think. They always have stock too.

The difference between the SX series and X series is the connection (X series has composite and SX has BNC) and also the SX has fast switching.

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