cctv dvr - which ones?


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Hi all

i am looking for a cctv dvr (not a pc card) that will fit in my entertainment unit, which is max 39cm width

i need it to be able to motion capture, have networking so i can view it from my computers or when i am away from home

i don't need one with a dvd rw, these tend to make the dimensions to big for my unit anyway

i would have a max of 3 cameras so a 4 cam dvr would be fine, would prefer one with good fps per channel, so possibly 100fps unit

any advice on where to get one, and what makes to go for? there are so many out there but i don't know which ones are good or reliable, allot seem re-badged

budget about £200



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heres one to consider on your budget

Labgear LAB3964 H.264 Digital Video Recorder: Electronics & Photo

Product Description

  • h.264 Baseline: selectable video quality levels
  • Hexaplex poeration - simultaneous record, live, playback, backup, control and remote access
  • Mixed operation windows - playback search for selected channel in the live monitoring mode
  • Mulit-level password
  • Search & by time or event (alarm, motion and video loss)
  • Recording quality can be configured into groups - better usage of hard drive
  • Support mouse and remote control
  • 5 network clients support
  • Multilingual support

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