CCTV - DVR to WIFI Router: connect wirelessly?


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I'm looking at installing a CCTV system.

I want to route the camera wiring through the loft, then through the ceiling into a built-in wardrobe in the bedroom where the DVR will be kept.

The problem I then have is connecting the DVR to the WIFI router. I'd assumed that modern DVR boxes would just connect to the router wirelessly, but it seems this isn't the case and they need a wired connection. That means taking a wire through the floor and across the living room, which I'm not going to do because I hate visible wiring.

Does anyone know of a solution to connecting the DVR to a Router wirelessly?

I don't want WIFI cameras, as I don't want to have to muck about changing batteries every year, and I've heard bad stories about the reliability and quality of the WIFI connections (eg, they'll only record in 1080 and not 4k).

Seb Briggs

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There is an irony of not wanting WiFi cameras but insisting on WiFi between the DVR and router .

I’d bite the bullet and run Ethernet between the Dvr and router just do it neatly


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I would never attempt to use wireless with an ip camera system. Go wired for reliability, speed and security.


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Worse case you may get away with a power line adapter depending how your ring circuits are wired, but there is potentially a lot of data parsing (remote access, Cloud etc) and therefore a true wired option would be preferential



Using a wireless network to connect to IP cameras is not very safe, you can lose the information the cameras were installed for. Besides the danger of losing data from the cameras due to poor wifi connection, you should also take care to properly estimate the size of the video archive and network bandwidth. Records from cameras should be stored preferably at least 30 days, it is good that now there is a cctv storage calculator, you can easily calculate the network bandwidth, and do not calculate it yourself.

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