cctv camera at home.....


After having my car broken into at the weekend I'm planning on beefing up the security at the front of the house. I don't live in a bad area and never had any problems before but I think the times right to deter the scum bags.

I'm planning on getting a second security light with a device that pings in the house should anyone activate it.

I'm also wanting a cheapish and small cctv camera that will record a hard drive or something similar. Am I allowed to install a camera on my property to just over look my car and part of the entrance to my driveway? Anyone recommend a cheapish camera thats good in the dark and will record to a pc or something similar.



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I've investigated this to some extent, as I have simiar issues. You CAN install CCTV covering your home, and you don't have to put up signs. As long as the camera is clearly covering your own property, then it doesn't matter if you happen to catch your neighbours property.

As far as a recommendation, there are loads! Have a look at the cctv section of the maplin website. It will give you an idea of where to start and what you should be looking for.

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