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For two years, I have been running a 4 channel analogue CCTV system without issue. I decided that I wanted much higher definition so have researched and bought a completely new 8 channel SDI system. I was assured that the system would run perfectly well on the existing cable runs, the longest of which is only 50M. However,when I started testing at the weekend, I found that none of the cables would support the new digital cameras. The dc power was getting through as I could hear a relay (or something) clicking inside.

So, my question to "those in the know" is was I mislead and would you expect me to have to upgrade the cable? If so, is there a spec that I need to look for so that I don't buy the wrong stuff?

Many thanks

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Hd sdi is really fussy about cable and should only really be wired in pure copper rg59 properly terminated with good quality plugs, ready made cables or copper coated steel crap "rg59" that far too many sellers try to pass off just wont work reliably or for too long. Unfortunately quality costs and copper rg59 is around 3 times the price of junk ccs or cca.


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Thanks - Is therte a standard or othe mark to look for or is it "pot-luck"?

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