CCTV Advice - Please


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Hi chaps,

I am after a relatively cheap CCTV kit. Potentially wireless for convienience but something cheap and ok just monitor round the house. Im not hoping to read number plates but something night vision also.

I saw these on the bay - look cheap and nasty but shoulddo the job?

Cheap CCTV

Cheap CCTV

what do u think? any CCTV experts out on here? Also Maplins do some kit aswel.

I appreciate there is much more pro stuff but i really need it just to keep a view of round the house.


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anyone takers?

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why do you want wireless? you do realise you still need to run power to them via wires right?.

whose numberplate do you want to read? how far away will it be? what is the lighting around your property like?


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Hi Jago!

Sorry didnt realise but somebody actually replied! So Thanks!

Its basically a residential street and a terraced property. The lighting is good - if you can imagine a suburban town. The lighting level is low as there IR floodlight that operates when movement in the garden! (if that makes sense)

I dont actually need wireless camera just though that might be easier then running wires to the TVC points.

Requirements simple. To view the back garden from two angles. One overlooking the back door. One overlooking the garden length ( 20 X 80 FT). I Would like BW night vision howver requirement is just to see whats going on and I dont need to know what make the burglars jacket is!!!!

Same goes for fron of the house. Need one to watch over the car and one for the front door. BW at night and XColour in the day.

What do think? Are my requirements too much? I would like to recieve the signal to lounge which is in the front of the house.

I actually have a Coaxial running from the front room to the back of the house! Over the roof.

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