CCTV Advice needed please...


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The choice of cctv systems is crazy! So much choice - and very little reviews on the products :(

Can anyone help please...

I don't mind buying it all separate - and i'm in the UK if that could help anyone to suggest some items.

4 x Colour in day time / b&w night cameras. Really high quality. The best i can get for £150ish each. (So many features available im confused!) They need to record at 50m in the dark - so need IR, and that feature that stops the IR from blanking out faces with too much IR in one place. Style i dont mind. (Auto focus?)

1 x DVR - that can record 4 cameras at once, with audio. It dosnt need to work over the internet or anything like that. Just record, playback, and maybe export to USB. I'd say up to £300 for this. If it can detect movement to record etc, that would be great also.

Can anyone help with the above please? :lease: :)

Thanks so much for reading! CCTV is driving me crazy! lol.


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View this site and click on CCTV tab, They also sell this in Makro so if you have a membership pop in and have a look. There are numerous quad systems and IR boosters available to increase the night vision.

I would suggest:
4 of these would give better quality

But there are other kits available, if you need more info im happy to help.

Hope this helps
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