cc30r filter. is it this simple?


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After about 2 weeks of tweeking the gain settings on my VW11HT with its new cc30r filter I've finally settled on an image I'm quite happy with. But was this necessary?
Does the '30' in 'cc30r' indicate the green & blue elements are reduced by 30%?

The only reason I ask is that out of curiosity I got my calculator out and set the blue and green gains 30% higher than their orginal settings to see what the result would be like.
To my pleasant suprise, the new custom colour temperature appeared to be 'bang on'.

Is it really that easy? If so, why would anyone need the sensors and software that seem to be considered vital by those who sell them?

For the record, the filter works a treat. Well worth the money.
Though I had to make a new lense cover out of a lid from a certain brand of ice cream, because the original cover doesn't quite fit with the filter on.



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Well I dunno, I have just done virtually the same and I am so pleased with the "new" look to the picture I just can not imagine it getting any better, although I didn't make my own filter cover I purchased mine from Enhanced HT and while the service was good I was slightly dissapointed by the filter surround which seemed didn't feel £50 worth anyway the filter works great and like you I'm pleased I saved loads of time and money!!



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I also bought mine from EHT, and am very pleased with it.
It seams sturdy enough to me. Mind you I've been extra careful whilst handling it just in case!

When I said the cover doesn't quite fit, I meant the lense cap thingy that keeps dust off when its not in use.

With the filter on, the sony lense cap doesn't quite fit on top of it.

A lid from the tub of Haagan Daaz ice screem fits perfectly.
So I printed a black circle, stuck it to the top of the lid, then trimmed the edge with black insulation tape and hey presto.
A quite respectable looking lense cap.



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Mmmmm what lens cap thingy?

I just recieved the filter surrounded by a case which fits over the sony's lens, there was no cap with the cc filter for use when not in use.....

should I have one?


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I mean the one that came with the projector when it was new to project the lense.

Nothing else came with the filter, so don't worry you're not missing out on anything from EHT.

But mybe (though I'd be surprised), you're projector was supplied without a lense cap.
It's a hard plastic 'thingy' with what looks like a silver inner lining, and the Sony logo on the outside.


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I have just ordered a CC40R so I have a few questions.
Do you use Cinema Black on or off?
Also, how about brightness. Didn't this filter make your image darker? And did you take the gains for Low setting and added 30% to G and B and thats it (no more tweaking)?
Sorry for all those questions but since I am waiting for my new filter I want to find out as much as possible.



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Originally posted by NB2121

how about brightness. Didn't this filter make your image darker
It DOES make it darker. But, by increasing the gain values for B and G, you increase brightness back to what it was, but only for brighter areas ie. you increase CONTRAST - which is what it's all about. You only lose actual brightness (of bright areas) if the '40' filter is too intense and you find that Red needs reducing to get proper colours. In wich case, to maintain brightness you should go for a 30 or a 20.


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Yep, I just increased the B&G gains by 30%, that was it!
It was really very easy indeed.

I got a cc30r filter because I use a greyhawk screen which has a gain of 0.9, so I loose some brightness already with that.
Yes the picture is darker, but the picture now appears more 3-d, and the bars above & below a picture in 2.35:1 ratio are much less annoying (blacker).

I still use cinema black ON, as it produces less fan noise and the picture is still bright enough for my liking.
I would guess though that if you also use a grey screen that a CC40R filter might be a little too dense, and you'd end up needing to run the projector with cinema black off (more noise and reduced lamp life).
If you use a white screen with more gain, I'd say a cc40r filter would be fine with cinema black off.

1 month later, I'm still well chuffed with the purchase of my filter.

good luck.

cine king

Surely,if you reduce green and blue by 30% you are assuming that red is 30% higher to start with?

Is this calculation based on the initial "low" setting?

I would guess that you would max the red out in the service menu then draw down green and blue until you have the right balance-then apply the c.c.filter to reduce red push.

Im sure this is how it worked with the 10HT.

Though I have read that the 11HT works slightly different in the greyscale -always maximising black.

If this is the case,the c.c.filter thing is not so imperative,as you could just draw back red to start?


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Sorry hope this doesn't sound rude, but I think you might need to read the previous post again.

I did Increase increase the B & G gains, not decrease it.

But I can see where you were coming from if that's what you thought.

I'm not an expert, but I think the filter allows all the red light to pass through, but reduces the amount of B &G. hence the need to boost the B&G gains back up.

I'm pretty sure I've done the right thing, because the colour temperature looks identical to the factory 'low' setting, which was where I took the initial figures from.

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