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    I have just setup a new TV, Freeview box and booster into our works office. This is to replace a failing Humax box and old CRT TV.

    After setting all this up I noticed the aerial booster was faulty so replaced that also and purchased a high quality AV lead to go from the booster to the TV which seems to work pretty well.

    Problem is that with the new Humax box which is HD it requires a much stronger signal than the old box, which I have almost sorted. But I am still having dropouts in signal strength on BBC1 and BBC2 which I just cannot sort.

    The quality sits 80 to 100% and strength at 36% which is fine, except every so often the quality drops to 10% which drops the picture momentarily.

    The other issue I have is that we have 2 CB base stations in the office and with the new straight through cable I purchased it seems it maybe not shielded enough as when you key over the picture is lost! There is no mast on the building, just small aerials on each unit.

    Quick rundown of what ive got:

    CB units: Kenwood - Frequency 50-400hz
    LG: 32LG3000
    Humax: HDR-2000T
    Vision V23-2102G Power Supply
    KabelDirekt 5m SAT/TV Cable (75 Ohm...

    What is frustrating is that the cable is double shielded apparently and the old cable I took out was pretty damn bad and had a terrible link in it, yet there was no interference issue with this bodge job.

    Any tips to get these issues sorted? I feel I may have to send to cable back, but if I do what shielding should I be looking for?
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