Cavity wall or dryline the room ??


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Hi all .

I was just wondering if anyone has cavity wall insulation as I am mulling over wether to get it or not. I have heard many mixed reviews , which has led me down the path of not really wanting to fill the cavity but its quite a cheap process. The other option is to dry line the room , which ideally would require all plaster to be stripped off -its old and crumbly - and it sounds expensive. I have not got any quotes yet about the dry lining so I hope it could be cheaper than I think, but I doubt it !. Even so in my mind this is winning so far. Has anyone any positive experiences with cavity wall.



eric pisch

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i think alot of the issues come about because initially the cavity in a house wall was there purely as a physical barrier to damp and nothing to do with insulation, over the years its become both with the addition of insulation

when they first started pumping foam into the cavity it bridged both walls and in some cases caused internal damp, i believe thou that the foam they use now is designed to resist this.


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We had our house done[cavity wall] about 3 months ago and it's made a massive difference. As the guys who came and did it said, it's like putting a wooly jumper on the house :p


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Hmm, I have heard that the process is much improved these days but it still worries me a little. It wouldn't be so bad were it not for the fact that its a nightmare to remove if something goes wrong. Maybe i should give it serious consideration , I guess a lot of it is getting a trustworthy installer too.!


I have had 3 houses with after build cavity wall insulation installed and have nothing but positive things to say :)

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